The Basics of Industrial Automation Explained by an Electrical Contractor

An electrical fuse box, with someone flipping one of the fuses.

Industrial automation called also electrical automation is the process of including complicated control systems, such as robots or computers to replace the work of a human being. That machinery is utilized for various mechanical processes and jobs required in many industries. In this blog, you will see more information about it.

Many electrical contractors offer that service as a part of their specialization. If you are a business owner who wants to increase the enterprise’s productivity and profit and reduce the manpower in a production process, you will hire a team of professionals to suggest you an appropriate approach for that goal.

In the past, that service was used from business owners and managers to decrease their expenses for paying wages to their staff members and increase productivity. However, nowadays, the focus of effective industrial control goes on the increased quality and flexibility of the production process. For example, in the automobile industry, the installation of some parts is done manually by human operators whereas other parts are installed automatically by robots. Using human beings provides an error rate of 1-1.5 % while using computer and robots decreases that rate to 0.00001 %.

Aside from the increased productivity and reduced error, you can hire an electrical contractor to perform that process in order to offer impeccable accuracy. If you own a welding business, its success will depend on the accuracy of the items and goods you manufacture. Not only you will have machines working non-stop, 24/7, but also they will provide data accuracy, easy data correction, and decreased data collection costs. No doubt, industrial automation can make the entire production process safer and quicker.

As the only disadvantage, we can mention here is the high initial costs. Switching from human operation to an automated one is a major investment you need to consider.

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